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Puppies who are between 7 and 16 weeks old (4 months) begin with our Puppy Head Start Program. (Toy breeds may be accepted for enrollment up to 5 months of age; call us for more information.) Here your puppy will learn to interact nicely with size/age appropriate groups of other puppies in short play sessions, and you will learn about common puppy issues such as housetraining, mouthing, jumping, the important role of early socialization, leadership and much, much more!  

Dogs 4 months and older who are new to J9's K9s must initially complete our Beginner Fun & Games Class. In this class you will use positive reinforcement and motivational methods, agility equipment and fun games to improve your relationship with your dog and strengthen your dog's ability to focus and obey you around distractions. If your dog has already had some training, make sure to let your instructor know and you will be given more advanced versions of the exercises taught in this class.

Once a Beginner course is completed, you and your pooch will move on to our Intermediate Fun & Games Class. This class emphasizes strengthening skills such as coming when called, loose leash walking and stays. You will also be learning fun tricks to show off to your family and friends.

The sky's the limit after you complete an Intermediate Class! Many dogs go on to our custom Advanced Fun & Games Class, where they have so much fun that some have taken this course over 30 times! But our Advanced Fun & Games Class is not the only class you can take once you've graduated Intermediate - check out all of our fun filled classes and discover the many ways to have fun with your pooch at J9's K9s!

Pre-registration and payment are required for all J9's K9s classes. Both online and mail-in payment options are available. For complete instructions about how to register for group classes, click here.

Most classes are 6 weeks long (6 sessions) unless otherwise stated in the description for the course. Some workshops/specialty classes may be only a few weeks long and some are up to 8 weeks long.  Check the class descriptions for more information.

Six-week basic obedience classes at J9's K9s range from $130 to $150 per dog. The Puppy Head Start program (for puppies 7-16 weeks old) is $160 per puppy for six weeks and includes our "Puppyhood Survival Kit". Some specialty classes are less (or more) expensive - you can see the cost for all of our courses in their individual listings.

Group classes meet for one hour sessions, once a week on the same day at the scheduled time.

The Fun & Games Beginner class is an entry level dog obedience class covering sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, come when called (even when distracted), walking politely on leash, leave it, drop it, focus on the owner around distractions and more. We even introduce some beginning dog agility equipment! “Fun & Games” is a training philosophy – we firmly believe dog training should be fun for both the dog and owner. You’ll find that we cleverly disguise much of our training in fun games such as "Hide and Seek," "Red Light/Green Light," and "Musical Dogs!"

J9's K9s offers group classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as on weekends. You can see the day of the week, start time and location for each class in the individual listing. To see a schedule of upcoming Beginner and Puppy Head Start classes, click here.

Click here
to see the different locations where our classes are held.

At J9's K9s, we encourage all family members to come to each class! Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult and we prefer that children under 6 years old have an additional adult present to keep them company.

Multiple dog families are welcome in the same group class so long as each dog has his own adult (18 yrs. or older) handler. If your dogs are very closely bonded, it can be difficult for them to focus in a class setting when they can see each other, but can’t run around together. If you suspect this to be the case with your dogs, it’s recommended to bring them through classes separately so that they each experience some time apart.

Transitioning into a new home can be stressful for a dog. It’s wise to give him a week or so to adjust to his new surroundings. After that, training is an excellent way to begin building a lifelong relationship with your new canine companion. If you need assistance during the “adjustment phase”, a private lesson in your home might be the answer.

We require that all dogs begin their training with us in either the Puppy Head Start or Beginner Fun & Games class. Each level of class builds on skills learned in the previous class, so it’s important that students start with Beginner class. It’s not uncommon for us to have students with dogs that have previous training. We have many “extras” to offer these students so that nobody feels “bored” in Beginner class.

Puppy Head Start is designed specifically for puppies between the ages of 8 to 20 weeks. This course covers common puppy issues such as house training, puppy biting, general puppy mischief and early socialization, and introduces basic obedience skills. Because of the minimum age of the dogs in Beginner Class (4 months), this course skips straight to basic obedience skills, expecting a level of focus and attention not possible with some very young puppies. Play groups with appropriate other puppies are included in out Puppy Head Start Class; in Beginner, the emphasis is on teaching dogs to pay attention to their handlers instead.

Many dogs become extremely excited or aroused in the presence of other dogs and may bark or lunge as a result. This is quite common in adolescent dogs. We are able to incorporate many such dogs into our Fun and Games classes by providing a visual barrier against other dogs in the class. This gives most dogs the privacy they need so they can learn to relax and focus on their owners when other dogs are nearby. Your instructor will be able to offer you additional training tips centered toward improving your dog's ability to remain calm around other dogs. In extreme cases or dogs with known aggression issues, private training may be required prior to or in lieu of group training.

Therapy Dog work is a great way to spend time with your canine companion, while helping others at the same time! Our CGC/Therapy Dog Prep. class is an upper-level J9's K9s class. We require that dogs complete Beginner through Advanced classes at J9's K9s prior to enrolling in the CGC/Therapy Dog class. This ensures that you, the handler, are familiar with our training techniques, and better prepares you and your dog to be successful throughout the class.

Modifying behavior is an ongoing process – it simply doesn’t happen overnight. As the saying goes, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

J9's K9s uses motivational, reward-based training methods. We incorporate lots of food, petting, praise and play in our training. Motivational training is a wonderful relationship builder between canines and humans and helps create a dog that willingly obeys his owner, rather than obeying out of fear of being corrected. First, a dog needs to understand what the desired behavior is and how pleasant it is for him to comply. Later, if a correction is ever needed, psychological consequences for making the wrong choices are much more effective than pain and intimidation. Not only do reward based training methods work the best - they're a heck of a lot more fun!

Absolutely! Our group classes are always open to the public for auditing. Visiting dogs are not allowed, but humans are welcome to come and watch anytime - no reservations required. The only exception to this is our Treibball Workshop, which humans can visit for 15 minutes or so but must pay $15 per person to audit a full workshop. Click here to purchase a Treibball Workshop session audit.

Traditional harnesses are typically not recommended in J9's K9s classes, unless your dog has a medical issue which requires their use. These kinds of harnesses (where the leash is attached to the back of the dog) can make it more difficult to teach polite leash walking. Training at J9's K9s is done on regular buckle collars, harnesses like the Freedom No Pull, Balance or EZ-Walk where the leash is attached to the front of your dog's chest. For some dogs, we may recommend head collars and will give you free additional training time to help you acclimate your dog to this kind of equipment. Your instructor will help you decide what tool will work best for you and your dog.

Choke chains, pinch/prong collars and shock collars represent “old fashioned” compulsory training methods designed to teach the dog to obey only from fear of being hurt. These methods are at best, damaging to the relationship between you and your dog. At worst, they can cause permanent physical and or psychological damage. These collars are not allowed at J9's K9s.

We don’t want you to “bribe” your dog either! There’s a huge difference between using food as a reward and using food as a bribe. This distinction is clearly explained throughout our classes and students are expected to refrain from bribing their dogs.

We do not offer formal make-up classes. However, if the class session you missed is available on another day, you are welcome to audit that session free of charge (without your dog) so that you can see everything that was covered in your absence. We will also provide you with handouts covering what you missed. In some cases, your instructor can arrange to meet you a few minutes early when you return to class. Students also have the option of scheduling a private session (at an additional cost) with a J9's K9s instructor.

If you are unable to attend the class or event you registered for and notify us at least 10 days in advance, J9's K9s will happily return your class tuition. If you wish to make any changes to your enrollment (switch class start dates, etc.) they must be made at least 5 days in advance so that we may apply your tuition to your new choice. We regret that we cannot make any enrollment changes less than 5 days prior to the start of a class, nor can any refunds or credit be issued after that time.

Private lessons are recommended for serious behavior problems like aggression and anxiety disorders, or for humans who prefer one-on-one attention to specific issues. "Day Training" options are also offered, for those who wish to have one of our staff members train their dog for them. To see a complete list of services and prices, click here.

Private lessons in our Indoor Training Facility:  $100 for your first consultation which will be between an hour to an hour and a half long. (Current students and canine alumni receive a $25 discount!) After your first session, you may purchase subsequent one-hour sessions individually in the facility for $75 each, or a pre-paid package of 5 one-hour sessions for $325.

Private lessons in your home: $150 for your first consultation which will be between an hour to an hour and a half long. (Current students and canine alumni receive a $50 discount!) Additional travel fees may apply, depending on the distance traveled by the trainer. After your first session, you may purchase subsequent one-hour sessions in your home individually for $100 each, or a pre-paid package of 5 one-hour sessions for $450 (plus any travel fees which may apply to your location).

Please note: You must call us at 818-832-9906 before purchasing your first private lesson.