No class pre-requisites!

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt. "K9 Nose Work" is a great new sport that's sweeping the nation, and J9's K9s is proud to bring you this terrific course to get you started! There are NO prerequisite classes, and since the dogs work individually, it's a perfect activity for pups that are dog-reactive or have difficulty focusing around other canines. Your dog must be able to stay quietly in a crate in the training facility to be eligible for this class - his nose will do the rest! Great for senior pups too!

In this unique class offering, you'll learn to use scent detection training to teach your dog to locate odors in "hides" of varying difficulty, PLUS introduce them to searching for hides based on odor alone!

You'll be astounded at how this simple game will build your dog's confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy in the process.

Whether or not you decide to compete for titles in NACSW Trials, you and your dog will have a blast!
"You're hooked as soon as you see your dog's face when he realizes that he will be rewarded for using his nose."
                                                                                                        ~ Whole Dog Journal, August 2009

Sundays at 10:30am starting April 15th in our Canoga Park Training Facility

Click here and go to "Introduction To Nose Work" for more information...

(The class is not appropriate for dogs who are aggressive to humans.)